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Here you’ll find delicious brunch, bite and comfort food recipes your family will love! Simple, Budget-friendly, trusted recipes you will enjoy making. I enjoy sharing flavorful recipes using fresh, quality ingredients and trusted products. If you’re looking for quick and easy or something a little more traditional and authentic your family will enjoy, brunch n bites have you covered!

About Me

Hello, I’m Lucy D, mom of two from Arizona. I enjoy spending time in the kitchen, cooking family favorites, and experimenting with new recipes. Quick and easy recipes are my go-to, but I love to entertain family and friends with traditional family recipes. Learning about different cultures and their traditions is something I enjoy. I admire the diversity in every culture, especially the food and cooking styles. As a First-generation Mexican-American, I learned to cook traditional Mexican food at a very young age from my Mama.

Although Mexican is what I grew up cooking and eating, I enjoy cooking and trying all types of cuisines. I try my best to live a healthy lifestyle, sharing healthy, delicious, and flavorful recipes along with ones that might not be as healthy. Balance is key to a healthy lifestyle.

As a busy mom, wife, and entrepreneur, it can be difficult and stressful to share home-cooked meals with my family, just as I enjoyed them growing up. The reason for brunch n bites is to have a place to share my love for home-cooked meals with you all, hoping that you will enjoy them just as I did, growing up and as my family does now. When I’m not helping my husband in our Real Estate and SEO Marketing companies, you will find me cooking up a traditional home-cooked meal. As a family, we enjoy good food, enjoy working out, lift weights to stay healthy, and train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as a family. I Love to travel. A good road trip exploring my beautiful home state is something I genuinely enjoy!

I believe that food heals and makes your soul happy. I enjoy making people happy and making souls smile. That is why I dedicate myself to share lots of great recipes with you. Brunch N Bites specializes in helping people who love to cook, create good food, and have fun doing it—always staying within a healthy budget but making sure to use fresh quality ingredients. I’m excited to help you whip up a quick bite or a festive brunch for your family and friends.

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